Mission & Aims

‘Living the Gospel in the Spirit of Love and Respect’

St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School and Nursery aims to provide a rich, stimulating and encouraging environment where children can develop, grow and learn;to promote the Catholic faith and beliefs where each person is valued and protected.


We strive to provide opportunities for personal, spiritual and academic growth where each child can reach their potential in an atmosphere of security and love.


We want to encourage each member of our school community to show care and respect for themselves and others and so endeavour to serve each other and the wider community in a true Christian spirit.


It is the aim of the school community to reflect the messages of the Gospel  of love and forgiveness through its relationships and actions and to integrate the academic, social, personal, cultural and spiritual into a wide, balanced and relevant curriculum which will prepare children for life in the wider local and global community.


The following objectives will enable us to achieve these aims:


  • Develop the natural curiosity that children exhibit about themselves and their world, and use their curiosity to foster positive attitudes to learning
  • Provide a broad, balanced differentiated curriculum for all children
  • Develop each individual to their potential through offering a wide range of high quality experiences which will develop the child’s imagination and creativity
  • Make prayer, worship and liturgy central to each child’s educational experience by providing opportunities for:

Private, group, formal and inform al prayer

Worship through assemblies and appropriate music

Eucharistic and non Eucharistic liturgies

  • Enhance self esteem and the ability to value each person’s own worth through a caring, secure environment
  • Develop social awareness, group responsibility and empathy through the social context of learning
  • Promote a health conscious environment
  • Develop positive relationships between home, school, parish and the community, both locally and globally


Mission and Aims

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