Come and See R.E Curriculum and RED: 'To Know You More Clearly'


At Saint Wilfrid’s the subject of R.E is taught through a Catholic Primary Religious Programme programme called “Come and See” in Year 1- 6 which is recommended and supported by the Diocese of Liverpool. Our EYFS have started the new Religious Education Directory, ‘To know You More Clearly' framework. This framework will be progressively rolled out across the school, replacing the Come and See scheme by 2025.

We prepare for our new display and the introduction of 'To know you More Clearly' framework.


In the Come and See scheme, nine themes run through the year and each year group studies the same theme through year appropriate topics. We also have a weeks where we focus on other world religions such as Judaism and Islam.

Journey in Love our RSE programme runs through our teaching throughout the year.



Religious Education termly newsletters for parents


At St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School we have a shared vision embraced by the whole school community and reinforced in the school’s mission statement:

“Living the Gospel in the spirit of love and respect.”


We develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith by following the ‘Come and See’ syllabus. At the heart of the programme is the mystery of God’s self-revelation of love through Jesus Christ. ‘Come and See’ gives the children the opportunity to explore the mystery of faith through Scripture and Tradition.




As a school we seek to promote the way of life that Jesus Christ showed us, based on mutual respect and prayer. We encourage a love of learning, promoting self-esteem and confidence so that everyone can reach their full potential.


Come and See



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